Beat Contact Tracing

Contact tracing systems are being rolled out in countries around the world. These will only get more and more draconian as time goes on. If you do not want to be targeted by these invasive programs, here are some suggestions:

(1) Ditch your cell phone.

If you are not ready to do this, here are some partial solutions.

Don’t take your phone everywhere with you. Use it only at home, or get a Faraday cage (pouch) to store it in which will block signals from cell towers when you are out and about and only use it in emergencies. Everything is tracked by IOS & Android and every cell co. Data is then fed to gov’t contact tracing services. You might get a knock on the door someday or a request for a mandatory test.

Think that by turning your phone off you will be immune? Think again. Don’t think this tracing will automatically happen even if you haven’t opted into a Contact Tracing App? Check this out:

No App Needed, Apple And Google Now Building CONTACT TRACING Right Into Your Phone

This is Happening in Singapore! Is America Next?

Ever notice that you might mention feeding the neighbour’s cat in a text and get a youtube ad the next day about Purina Chow? Well, you can be sure that Google & Apple are tracking every text or email you send and who’s ever name, time or meetup info is those msgs. This is bad because by the same method can be used to contact trace you. Also, tracing algorithms will be using bluetooth to check proximity with other cell users.

Don’t think this could happen to you? Check out these links:

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The dangers of having a cell phone are not to be underestimated. Landlines are also not immune. Voice data is stored on servers and analyzed by AI algorithms that pick off names and meet times. You could be easily flagged as a ‘possibly infected’ person and forced to take a test, and/or taken to a quarantine. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be forced to take a fake PCR that yields tons of false positives then carted off to some detention centre according to the decree of some health-authority bureaucrat who’s been bought off by Bill Gates/Big Pharma vaccine program.

(2) Make your email anonymous. If you sign up for a free email service like gmail, yahoo, hotmail, outlook, etc, don’t give any personal info that can link you to your real identity. For ex, no recovery phone#, date of birth, etc. Only add a recovery email, which is in turn, anonymous (ie an email that you only use for signs up and has no ties to your personal data.)

For example, if you are using yahoo, use this system to remove a recovery email if you must:

How To Delete Phone Number From Yahoo Account

It’s important to remain anonymous otherwise you will be an easy target for these oppressive contact tracing algorithms.

To do safer peer to peer calls, better to create private groups of friends using VOIP. If you do sign up to systems like SLACK or SKYPE, use anonymous emails that can’t be traced back to you. Voice audio will be, of course, recorded on servers and scanned by algorithms, but if they can’t tie the voice to you (as they can with cell phones), you will be safer. Avoid using video share on these platforms, as facial recognition systems will easily identify you and defeat the purpose of using an anonymous email.

(3) Consider boycotting MS/Apple/Google Operating systems & products. This helps avoid contact tracing spyware. There are free plug and play versions of Linux–such as Ubuntu.

You can install Linux on your PC alongside win10, or install it on a standalone machine. You can download free software for linux: Libre-Office and Firefox or Opera browsers. Opera comes with a free VPN to hide your IP address so web sites can’t track you. You can turn on the VPN in Opera here. Use instead google search. Duckduckgo doesn’t track you! Boycott FB, as it’s a serious social credit score gatherer and risk to your online identity. Gather up your friends’ email addresses and stop using facebook. Don’t post anything on FB. Use instead of google maps. Use,,,,, and other alternate video websites wherever possible instead of youtube. Many content providers post synonymously on the alternate websites. If you use youtube make sure you log in with an anonymous email (or don’t log in at all) and run under a VPN (Opera or otherwise), so they can’t track your location.

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