Download Conqueror 1.02

(XP/Vista/win 7/win10)


Download Conqueror 1.02

(Mac OS X *)

  • Play original turn-based strategy games set in the world of Genghis Khan against the computer.
  • Set the computer player to play at varied strengths: beginner to grandmaster.
  • Configure the rules: Choose from 4 game types - Basic, Magician, Power Magician, Siege.
  • Play professional, rated games.
  • Import third party engines into Conqueror -- khan, or chess engines.

*Mac version requires Java 1.6.0_45 If you're not sure you have java, install the most recent version here.


Choose from a variety of rated opponents:

Modify game rules, select custom avatars and create battles of your choice:

Download instructions

Download Conqueror1.01 to play graphical khan games against the computer.

For Windows:

Download and run the conqueror setup file. The program requires java jre version 1.6 or higher. Download java here if you are not sure whether it is installed.

For Mac:

Unzip the download folder anywhere on your hard drive and run from there by double-clicking on ''. Optionally, you can move the folder to /Applications. If you have a java-enabled browser, the program will run on its own, otherwise you must download the latest version of java here before running. If you can't get the program to run, double-click on the file conqueror1_0.jar. If this doesn't run, then it's pretty sure you don't have java installed, or you have put some spaces in a subfolder name. For example, if you put the program in a subfolder, use the '_' character, not space, ex: Desktop/my_downloads/conqueror/...

Future expansion

Support for a khan server is in the works, enabling gamers to play Khan across the internet. This component will have capabilities in the vein of the Free Internet Chess Server(FICS) and ICS(Internet Chess Server).

Another component in the works is a window to animate the best line after each move. Depending on the strength of the engine setting, this could entail a graphical step-through of many moves ahead. A great teaching tool, not only for learning the game, but as well as analyzing deep strategies.

Conqueror license

This program is free software and shipped with no warranties.

Royalty free images used in the program are licensed from


This game is currently free. You can redistribute it as is, without modification, without monetary renumeration.

The original Khan game design/board layout, piece movements are copyright © 2013 Chris Turner.
Khan siege © 2013 Chris Turner.

The concept of Khan was inspired by ideas from Conn Iggulden's epic saga, Wolf of the Plains, and oddly enough, spurred by a funny circumstance watching Derren Brown outwit a group of Britain's top chess players. My interest in game design over the past 20 years has made this project possible.

Many thanks to the myriad chess programmers whose open source code and ideas presented has facilited engine design, in particular, praise for:

Winglet (Stef Luijten)
Stockfish (Tord Romstad, Marco Costalba, Joona Kiiski)
Arasan (Jon Dart)
Crafty (Robert Hyatt)
Fruit (Fabien Letouzey)

and the gui client builders:

Lantern (Michael Adams)
Jin chess (Alexander Maryanovsky)

Final note: Khan is evolving. New pieces/movements/game rules and configurations are works in progress...

Please visit this site to download the latest version.